Waterstones iOS and Android apps

Lexoo web component library


Vhi Healthcare iOS and Android apps

Other recent work

Designed an iOS app called Plot to help track and review movies.
Visit plotapp.io

Helped John Lewis & Partners with a quick design exploration for their editorial section.
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Provided UX design and critique for Shelter.
Quick case study coming soon

Worked with Honest Work on their web app UI.
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More info

A decade of full-time experience — freelancing since 2013. I've worked for startups, agencies, big corps and tiny teams.

I enjoy various parts of the design process — early stage research and product direction, prototyping and user testing, along with basic front-end development (html/sass + small amounts of javascript).

Generally I work remotely, at £400 a day. Open to some onsite contracts in London. I ❤️ Figma, Sketch, Flinto, Marvel, Sublime, and cats.