Waterstones iOS and Android apps

Co-founding Outline

Lexoo web component library

Vhi Healthcare iOS and Android apps

DueDil website redesign

Honest Work, a new job platform

Other recent work

Led a design project for Waterstones' new iOS and Android mobile apps.
Case study available on request

Helped John Lewis & Partners with a quick design exploration for their editorial section.
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Designed an iOS app called Plot to help track and review movies.
Visit plotapp.io

Redesigned Tundra, a B2B e-commerce platform.
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Provided UX design and critique for Shelter's donations flow, and other website areas.

More info

A decade of full-time experience — freelancing since 2013. I've worked for startups, agencies, big corps and tiny teams.

I enjoy various parts of the design process — early stage research and product direction, visuals, prototyping and user testing, along with basic front-end development (html/sass + small amounts of javascript).

Generally I work remotely, at £400 a day. Open to some onsite contracts in London. I ❤️ Figma, Sketch, Flinto, Marvel, Sublime, and cats.