Co-founder, product design, branding, events

I worked on a startup called Outline for a few years. Originally a simple web app for discovering tattoos, Outline grew into an established platform for tattoo bookings and payments.

Outline V1

We figured we’d love to use a platform built around the brilliant, constantly updating tattoo content of Instagram, but properly curated, leaving only the best work… all of which is searchable with style categorisation, locations, and artist profiles.

Instagram really has developed into the portfolio platform of the modern tattoo artist — it’s the best platform out there for sharing work and building an audience. But we wanted to sync it with a platform that made the content properly discoverable.

Launching bookings

In 2019 we grew our team to 4, and decided we wanted to move Outline into bookings. Tattoo bookings are notoriously awkward and archaic. Artists are hard to lock down, communications are slow or sometimes fully ignored, and payments are still mostly done in cash.

We wanted to design a solution that could make the whole experience easier for both artists and customers.

Discover, Book & Pay

We'd already created a service that helps you find inspiration for your next tattoo. The next step was to build a catalogue of bookable artists, all of whom customers can instantly book a design with.

Payments are either fully paid online, or split between an initial online payment, and then cash on the day.


Outline offers a full messaging service for artists and customers. Specific details of a booking can be agreed, questions asked and answered, and generally any chat that helps both parties feel comfortable and prepared.

Outline Events

To help promote and launch our booking platform, we held a "Flash Party" event, where we invited 4 of our favourite artists, and over 150 attendees. Attendees could chat to the artists, and book their next tattoo on the day, with the first 30 bookings receiving 20% off.

I led the event planning, and the design projects involved.