Jack Smith

Web app UI, branding

With a few buddies, I've been working on our side biz — Outline. Originally a simple web app for discovering tattoos and artists, we're moving into a more substantial tool for booking artists.

Outline V1

We figured we’d love to use a platform built around the brilliant, constantly updating content of Instagram, but properly curated, leaving only the best work… all of which is searchable with style categorisation, locations, and artist profiles.

Instagram really has developed into the portfolio platform of the modern tattoo artist. It’s the best platform out there for sharing work and building an audience.

Where Instagram fails is within discovery (both for people looking for a new tattoo, and artists themselves). It’s not built specifically for tattoos and artists, so will naturally have limitations in this area. You can hack a basic style search together using hashtags, but results are mixed. Location search is almost impossible, along with keyword/subject browsing.

All of this is what Outline V1 improves on and fixes.

Outline Bookings

We're currently working on the next version of Outline. This will introduce booking and payment options for artists and customers. Artists will gain a larger customer base, while customers can easily and quickly book in with their favourite artists.