Marketing website design and development

I joined the DueDil design and marketing teams for 3 months. Worked with their initial brand and web redesign visuals to produce a full website redesign in Webflow.

Consolidating a new visual direction

With DueDil’s marketing design lead moving on to new ventures, I stepped in to work on their website redesign over 3 months at the end of 2019.

The origins of a brand revamp were already well in motion, and visual designs for a new website homepage were being explored. My role was to consolidate this progress into a clearer visual direction for the website, while laying down the basics for a new brand design guide. Then move on to actually developing the website! (We utilised Webflow to produce this website at rapid speed)

A clean slate

We started from a mostly clean slate. Old, irrelevant pages were simply archived, allowing us to work on content and design for a more focused, refined website. Our “brand squad” collaborated closely, with regular feedback and critique for the content writer, designers, and developer.

We shipped a new page or two each week, as part of a 25% traffic test. By the end of the 3 months, we wanted all core website pages redesigned and live, with then 100% of traffic being put their way.

Brand and UI guidelines

Once the initial visual design exploration was complete and mostly agreed, I could make progress documenting brand and UI guidelines for DueDil’s new design direct. I developed this as a private documentation section on the new Webflow website.